Computer Vision Syndrome

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1 Working long hours in front of the computer has sadly become a big part of our lives, be it at work, while studying, and even when we just relaxing. The resulting effect of long hours of glare is Computer Vision Syndrome, a visual condition that we are all too familiar with. If you have never worn a pair of eye glasses, then your eyes are most susceptible to this eye disorder which can have squinting, and straining your eyes heavily.

If you notice that letters on the screen blurring out, fading into the background, or you find it hard to focus, then you will need to seek medical attention immediately to prevent your vision from depreciating further. One of the main causes that lead to the onset of computer vision is not seeking help for already existing visual difficulties. If you have avoided wearing glasses, or getting your vision checked…

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Seeing is Believing



My world was shattered two years ago when I found out I had Keratoconus. I rare eye disease that some how chose me as its victim. At first, that word was just a word I had to search for in the dictionary, but now it has consumed my whole life – and that word will always be a part of me.

For those two years, I tried to pretend like my life wasn’t ruined because I was unable to see out of one eye properly, but as each day concludes, and another one starts, I realize that my eye is making it impossible for me to continue with what I love to do … write.

I sometimes cry myself to sleep because the pain is too unbearable and tears seem to soothe my eyes – other times – I close my eyes because seeing is just to hard. But most…

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Vitamin B-based treatment for corneal disease may offer some patients a permanent solution


Public release date: 24-Oct-2011

3-year outcomes of clinical trial of collagen crosslinking treatment for keratoconus highlighted at American Academy of Ophthalmology 2011 Annual Meeting

ORLANDO, Fla. – October 24, 2011 – Patients in the United States who have the cornea-damaging disease keratoconus may soon be able to benefit from a new treatment that is already proving effective in Europe and other parts of the world. The treatment, called collagen crosslinking, improved vision in almost 70 percent of patients treated for keratoconus in a recent three-year clinical trial in Milan, Italy. The treatment is in clinical trials in the United States and is likely to receive FDA approval in 2012. The results of the Milan study are being presented today at the 115th Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Ophthalmology in Orlando, Florida.

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The differences between having some useful vision and not having any useful vision

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Jenny By Jenny

Having already been severely sight impaired, I’ve recently lost a significant amount of vision.

There are things I can still do and some I almost took for granted that I cannot do now. There are other things I now find difficult that I have had to find new ways to make manageable again.

What I already used feel for instead of vision

  • Tying my shoelaces
  • Brushing my hair
  • Washing up
  • Identifying loose change

What I can still do

  • Brushing my teeth – although putting the toothpaste on the brush can be a very messy and fun experience!!
  • Shower and dress myself.
  • Identify clothes – although I do have two cardigans that are very similar and once thought I was wearing the white one until a friend commented I was looking pretty in green!!
  • Use my hob and oven – both are gas. I can tell which gas mark…

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Keratoconus – my story by Rhonda, USA

Rhonda’s story I'd like to share some of my recent events. I am from Massachusetts, USA. As a member of KeratoconusGB I have been posting my updates there, and now I am sharing my story with the wider world in the hope that it can helps fellow keratoconus folk.   If I had Keratoconus 25 years … Continue reading Keratoconus – my story by Rhonda, USA

Keratoconus- my story as a poem by Shiv, India

Hello - I am a KC'er since 1998 - a long time. I started the first support group in India. This is just an outpouring from a KC'er in his day to day life when not wearing lenses.  This is the outcome when an incident happened to me during my off lens time in the kitchen.... … Continue reading Keratoconus- my story as a poem by Shiv, India