Keratoconus my story by Christian, Malaysia

Hi, my Name is Christian. and I'm new here. I am male, 29 years old and I live in Malaysia. Here is my keratoconus story: As far as I can remember, I started wearing glasses at the age of 14. back then it was only L:0.5D, R:0.25D.(astigmatism) with no far or nearsighted, we all  thought that it … Continue reading Keratoconus my story by Christian, Malaysia

Back to the Drawing Board

Anice Barbosa

So the day finally came. I have been obsessing over today for about a month now. I couldn’t eat, drink or function without thinking about it. Last time I was in that exam chair, it sure sounded like today would be the day that this would end, at least temporarily.

I woke up in a good mood and made my way to the doctor’s office. I prayed on the way and felt positive. I was preparing myself for both possibilities, but focusing on the positive one. I sat in the exam chair and a young lady, whom I’ve never met before, sat across from me and tried to get the contact in. I don’t know if it was my nervousness, or her lack of experience with Keratoconus fittings, but she couldn’t manage to get the lens in. I kept cool and didn’t say a word. Even though every time she…

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Keratoconus & contact lenses by Prashanth Chander, India

Contact lenses So, I have been using my Rose K lenses for about 2 weeks now. I must say, they are incredibly irritating to put on and to remove. That being said, 2 weeks down the line the whole process has become a lot easier and better. At first I could feel the lenses in my … Continue reading Keratoconus & contact lenses by Prashanth Chander, India

Update! Six months since graft (right eye) and Corneal Collagen Cross-Linking (left eye)

DALK Cornea Transplant

Hi everyone.

Firstly, apologies for the ridiculous lack of updates over the last few months. I would love to say it was because something dramatic and exciting had happened, but unfortunately it just comes down to a combination of overindulging on alcohol over the festive period, and pure laziness! However, there have been a few developments since I last posted here, so I thought now was a good time to let you know how things are progressing. There have actually been developments with regards to both eyes (I was diagnosed with KC in both eyes when I was 16), but I’ll start with my right eye which is the eye I had the graft in.

So it’s now been exactly six months since I had the graft in my right eye, and everything continues to go as well (if not better) than I could have hoped. I had an appointment…

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Number 22

Memoirs of an English Wolf

I sat in the corner of the studio and began to draw. I used oil pastels because they would smudge and I could scratch them. The colours could smear into each other. I could attempt to create a facsimile of the world my eye saw. Drawing could become a testament to the form and colours of blindness.

Before the year was out I would be having a transplant which – hopefully – would restore my sight. Drawing this different vision was pretty important to me, although I had long since given up the dream of following a career as a visual artist. This sight was not, in itself a disability. It was an ability unique to me. I had a vision impossible to be shared with others. That is the thing with much that is known as blindness: it is anything but the inability to see. Sure, I couldn’t even…

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Keratoconus my story by Janna from Australia

My journey with Keratoconus by Janna Seysener, Australia I never had a huge problem with vision as a child but Mum says I was CONSTANTLY rubbing my eyes with my knuckles. I had a vision test at about 10 or so just to check for any issues because Mum has astigmatism and associated myopia and … Continue reading Keratoconus my story by Janna from Australia