Q and A, Life as an Autistic person with keratoconus

My KC Journey

I thought for my next blog post, I would answer questions about life being autistic with keratoconus. Just leave a comment on this post with your question or if you want to ask me without your question being shown to the world (just cause I know some would love thaf option) you can send a DM to my twitter profile @karleighjjones.

Look forward to answering your questions.

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Can I wear make up when I have keratoconus?

OK so this one is mostly for the ladies! Many of us like to feel good and use make up to enhance our features- we are often asked- "Can I still wear make up when I have to wear  contact lenses?" or "I had a graft can I still wear make up?" The answer is … Continue reading Can I wear make up when I have keratoconus?

One Month Later

Damaged Brown Eyes

Its been over a month since I’ve been using the mini scleral lens and things are going well.

My morning routine is not as time consuming as before. Seems like I finally got it down. 🙂 This is what my sink looks like:

Tons of products for my eyes! Its scary how dependent I am now on all these products 😦 But c’est la vie.

This is what I carry in my purse, I even got a cute polka dot pouch to carry everything in-


Mirror, solution, plungers, backup soft contacts, tissues, q-tips, and alcohol wipes. What a pain!!

All in all things are finally improving. I did go for a regular checkup and the Dr ordered me a different prescription, not sure why. I feel I can see very well with the ones I have. I’ll have to go back in next week, not dreading it like before though.

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Beautiful Brown Eyes & Are you drunk?

Damaged Brown Eyes

Today I was hanging  out with a friend and they said something that really upset me, “I wish I had your beautiful brown eyes.”. In retrospect I shouldn’t have snapped and went off on them. I should have accepted their compliment, smiled, and thanked them. But no. I went on a rant– a long unnecessary rant. That was only prolonged when I was asked, “why don’t you just wear glasses?”.

Smh. I wish it were that simple. I think back when glasses were enough to correct my vision. A much simpler time! 
I’ve been repeatedly told I have beautiful eyes. But what good are they if I can’t see? 😦 Thinking this makes me feel sad and worried about the future. What if mini sclerals aren’t enough? What then? I’m petrified at the idea of a cornea transplant (cue Jessica Alba’s stupid movie). Is this going to get worse?


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Avarielle's Keratoconus blog

So I finally un-lazied myself and made a new blog to whine blog about my Keratoconus.

So! About me!
I’m Avarielle, 27 years old, and I living in the hot, sunny, and humid land of Singapore.
Most of my hobbies involve having a decent eyesight, namely astronomy and photography.

I got diagnosed with Keratoconus in August 2012, and so far things have been okay-ish. My doctor has sort-of scheduled me for crosslinking on February 12th 2014, but that is not confirmed yet.

And why dinosaureyes?
Because one of my friends said that keratoconus sounded like the name of a dinosaur. And it just became a thing to refer to my eyes as dinosaur eyes.

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