1 Year, 10 Months Post-Op (Corneal Transplant Update)

Life's a Performance

It’s been a while since I last updated you guys, but here we are again.  You know how they say that no news is good news right?  Well you can probably expect why I’m writing.

This is a post that I had hoped I wouldn’t have to write.

Today I had made an appointment at my ophtalmologist’s office to talk about surgery for my left eye.

I went into the doctor’s office as usual.  The assistant gives me the usual vision test, and I did pretty well.  Then the doctor came in and looked at my eyes and said that my cornea was rejecting.  He asked me what drops I was using and how often, and I told him that I wasn’t because he told me I could go off my eye drops unless I was sick.  He proceeds to tell me that he never said that, implying that this…

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KERATOCONUSGB The biggest most active keratoconus community online

How as 2014 for you? We hope you had a good year and that having KC was not too troublesome. If you would like to share your keratoconus story or chat with other KC'ers in 2015 get in touch with us here, or or one of our social sites: Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/KeratoconusGB Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/keratoconusGB/ Twitter - … Continue reading KERATOCONUSGB The biggest most active keratoconus community online

2004-2010 – The missing years…

My Life With Keratoconus

These are the years I can say I was truely depressed, not knowing what was wrong with my vision, believing it ws something serious about to strike me down was soul destroying.

It was around this time that my parents got the internet package from NTL (virgin) and I was able to hook my pc up, instead of helping myself by looking up things related to the vision problem I took to playing Wolfenstein:Enemy Territory.

Somehow I was a very good natural aimer on this game, I ended up making my own clan, had our own servers and gained many friends along the way. but what they didnt know was the person they played with was sat there depressed, comfort eating, gaining weight, becoming more unhealthy by the day, I would literally play untill 5 am and sleep untill 1pm. It had become my life, my only life.

I ballooned…

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2012 Birth of my daughters and vision progression.

My Life With Keratoconus

March 23rd 2012 my fiancee gave birth to our twin daughters, this was likely the best thing that has happened to me. However it all but ended my training.

I was now required to help look after two babies, I often felt like a zombie version of the milk man, getting up at all hours to make endless bottles of milk for feeds, yawning my way through days living in our one bedroomed council flat.

I cannot deny it took its toll on me, we had no lift so I was literally carrying a double buggy up flights of stairs then the lack of sleep with two babies sharing my bedroom.

I remember I got up out of bed to make a feed, it must have been around 2 am, from the kitchen window I could see a lamp post to my disbelief I could see not just 2-3-4 glowing…

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2012-2014 Hope

My Life With Keratoconus

Since diagnosis, I have had so many appointments with eye specialists, optometrists, corneo plastic surgens, contact lens fitting, cornea scans that it would fill a whole book to go through each one in any detail.

One of my worst memories of these last two years was in March 2013, we went to Butlin’s in Minehead as part of my mother in laws Birthday celebration’s, I was already suffering frontal headaches the week leading up to this, but thought I could handle it.

I remember the first night there we went to a bar they call Centre Stage on the Butlin’s camp, it was dark with the only lights being those neon type lights that lit up the bar, and all around the room, as well as having pillar supports dotted around also completely lit in neon.

I walked up to the bar and ordered a drink for myself and fiancee…

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Latest CXL cross linking for keratoconus developments October 2014

Lots has been going on in the world of keratoconus in the past few months. Collagen crosslinking, still an investigational treatment in the United States, was first performed in Europe in the late 1990s for the treatment of ectatic corneal conditions. The treatment combines riboflavin and ultraviolet A (UVA) light, allowing the formation of reactive oxygen … Continue reading Latest CXL cross linking for keratoconus developments October 2014


Keratoconus my story by Kirsty, UK

After a normal visit to my optician I was told that I would need to go to the Eye Hospital to be referred for further investigations and this is where I was first diagnosed with keratoconus at the age off 22. I was told I would need to wear soft contacts in both my eyes … Continue reading Keratoconus my story by Kirsty, UK