Keratoconus my story – by Simba, 21

Hello I am Simba from South Africa, I am 21 and this is my keratoconus story. That's me with the eye patch in the photo (left)   I started wearing hard contact lenses when I was in Grade 9 (15 years old) and the reason my optometrist gave was that my cornea was ‘rigid’. I … Continue reading Keratoconus my story – by Simba, 21


Keratoconus – my story by Beth

I was diagnosed with keratoconus when I was approx 21 and I am now 41. I had what was diagnosed as "lazy eye" growing up and my vision in my right eye slowly deteriorated through adolescence until it became really poor, so I went to an optician and was told that I had ‘keratoconus’. I … Continue reading Keratoconus – my story by Beth

keratoconus – a mum’s view

It’s just how a mum feels..... I don't unfortunately have Keratoconus, I guess you wonder why I am saying that, the reason is simple....perhaps if I had it my beautiful gorgeous son wouldn’t or at least I would then know how he feels. I know the link isn’t proven to be hereditary but it makes you … Continue reading keratoconus – a mum’s view

Eyeglasses Prescription Changing Every Eye Physician Visit Resulting in Worries How Well You See Goes Blind?

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A generally heard question inside my eye physician eye care center is will my eyeglasses prescription keep changing? Adopted frequently by can i go blind? The 2nd is a type of misperception based just a little on fact. People due lose eyesight and suffer insufficient vision from degenerative myopia or nearsightedness. There is a substantial increase in the proportion of folks that get retinal detachments inside the nearsighted population. However, even though this is often a significant increase, relatively speaking it is extremely rare.

A very small segment of individuals may have degenerative nearsightedness. This is often a pathological condition in the eye where it progressively can get worse inside a rapid rate to cause numerous serious vision problems including retinal detachments, glaucoma, cataracts and retinal degeneration that creates blindness. This issue is obvious in adolescence and when you really need to request you don’t have it. Degenerative myopia features…

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Cross Linking 2.0 Today!

Controlled Derangement

But hey, I ain’t got no worries. Listen to this song. SO AWESOME AND UPLIFTING AND SMOOTH AND GOOD AND CHILL AND FANTASTIC. I love it.  Especially Chris Brown’s chorus/voice.

Come on, let’s toasting the champagne, this one’s for the life
Did everything you could to be here for the night
Man it feels good, everything is right
Energy is strong enough to brighten city lights
My whole team winning, no vision on quitting
I rather say I did than let them busters say I didn’t
Let ’em talk about it mane, I’m already living
I risk my life to try everyday to go and get it

Just in case you guys don’t listen to or like this awesome song, I wrote the chorus up above.

UNFORTUNATELY, my night didn’t consist of toasting champagne, but I spent an enjoyable evening working on Legal Writing homework and preparing cases for…

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World Sight Day     World Sight Day (WSD) is an annual day of awareness held on the second Thursday of October, to focus global attention on blindness and vision impairment. WSD is co-ordinated by IAPB under the VISION 2020 Global Initiative. The theme, and certain core materials are generated by IAPB. All events are organised independently … Continue reading TODAY IS WORLD SIGHT DAY 2013 #KERATOCONUS


Playing The Hand I Was Dealt

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Why does Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (EDS) have to be a freak show disease?  My skin doesn’t stretch enough to be the India Rubber Woman and I’m not hypermobile enough to be the Human Pretzel, but I look like a hybrid of marbled, blue cheese and the Purple People Eater from the venous pattern and purpura and petechiae covering my body from nearly head to toe.  The icing on the cake is the beyond frustrating keratoconus, which turned my corneas into little cones. Alas, the latest problems that have been discovered could surely guarantee me an act in the freak show.


I’ve been working with my great, new optometrist over the past couple of months to try and get scleral contact lenses, which can correct keratoconic vision to a point by creating artificial corneas in essence.  As I’m post-CXL surgery, the progression of my keratoconus (KC) has…

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